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For you, it's not just a meeting, it's a mission.

You're a Change Agent...
a Problem Solver... a Role Model

I solve this.

I help you make a bigger difference with less effort.

I'm Dr. Sharon Melnick.

I'll help you show up in your power, as the best version of you

My mission is to help you turn your private suffering into powerful service, so you can make the contribution you are here to make – at work, at home, and in your community.
Dr. Sharon Melnick

What Clients Say:

I strongly recommend this program. It’s the best thing I've done for my career. I learned how to articulate my value to my Manager and become a collaborative Change Agent. After being stuck in my role for 10 years, I’ve now been promoted.

I had a 90% reduction in my 'negative voice' from the "Magic Bullet" exercise. I feel a lot more calm and at peace. I was able to accept a speaking opportunity and a leadership position that I had been holding myself back from for years, I am so grateful to you.

After you've Keynoted 3 of our Women’s Leadership conferences, what can I say about perfection? Our attendees said you were outstanding and over-delivered! Your insights were not only informational but inspirational. What a blessing!!!

I was promoted within 90 days! You give us the tools to keep being bold and grow our influence. This program exceeded my expectations!

I built a new inner voice and made practical changes in my behavior. I used to take much more blame on myself, worry about what other people thought, and think that I wasn’t quite good enough. Now it’s a whole different picture: I started the most successful service line in our region. I developed a very influential position in the firm and have the most confidence I’ve ever had in my whole professional career!

I could not have taken my company to the next level without the support and advice of Dr. Sharon Melnick. She is brilliant and full of power and strength. She is the real deal and second to none. Her advice was a game changer for me in my business and my life.

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Create a “Wow” at your Live Event

Have you ever gone to a conference and had a moment of fleeting inspiration…but upon return you got sucked back into your life the way it was? 

Dr. Melnick “Wows” audience with practical tools you can use immediately and will still be using a year later.

Dr. Melnick is transformational speaker who gives the audience something they can score a win with right away, AND people are still talking about what they learned from her at your next year’s conference. She is brilliant, and she rocked it on my stage.
JJ VIRGIN, Multiple NYT Bestselling
Author, and Founder, Mindshare Summit

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Truly inspirational and highly impactful to our organization.

Procter and Gamble

The best speaker for a one-day training I've seen.


A dynamic force at the

Professional Roundtable