About Dr. Sharon

Sharon Melnick, PhD is the ‘go to’
leading authority on women’s leadership and power. Her tools are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, applied by over 40,000 trainees, and invited back for multiple engagements at over 50 Fortune 500 companies.

With 20 years of experience, Dr. Melnick is a trusted Executive Coach for women executives who are vision holders and Change Agents in their company and community.  

An internationally sought after speaker, her keynote presentations create buzz at over 200 marquee business and leadership conferences (she has even presented at the White House and the United Nations).  

Her recent presentation at the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit trained over 2000 coaches and talent professionals worldwide how to advance/retain female talent and help multicultural women overcome the systemic gender and intersectional biases associated with “Working While Female”.  She helps women navigate these challenges and then use her power to change them. 

She is the creator of the pathbreaking Next Level Leader program that has a strong track record getting talented mid-career Women of Color and White women promoted in record time.

Dr. Melnick is subject matter expert and best-selling author in the 3 areas which help women achieve success and find their power:  Resilience (Success under Stress),  Confidence (Confidence when it Counts), and Influence (e-book From Pigeon Holed to Promoted). 

She has been called ‘a miracle worker’ and ‘the secret weapon’ behind the next level breakthroughs by high achieving women, and the way they uplift everyone in the culture around them.  

 In addition to guiding clients through influencing strategies to make a bigger impact, her work frees them from any self doubt through her “Magic Bullet” exercise (this is a proprietary technique developed through her 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School – it goes beyond encouragement to ‘believe in yourself’ and reprograms emotional reactions and self doubts at root cause. This exercise has a 96% success rate in freeing clients’ from their ‘negative voice’ fast and forever).

Partnering with women’s leadership networks in companies, women’s associations across sectors, and the most powerful women in business world, Dr. Melnick is leading a movement to help smart women be ‘in their power’ and ‘use their power’ for the good of their company and community!  

She is a best selling author of:

Success Under Stress:

Powerful Tools for
Staying Calm,
Confident, and
Productive When the
Pressure’s On

Confidence when it Counts:

Rise Above Self Criticism and Bias for Next Level Opportunities.

Her third book (forthcoming) is on Women and Power

Dr. Melnick’s advice has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Fast Company Forbes.com, Fox News, Huffington Post, CBS, AmexOPEN, Smart Briefs for Entrepreneurs, WebMD, Natural Health, US News and World Report, Yahoo!, Business Insider, and numerous others.

She is the CEO of Horizon Point Inc., a diverse supplier coaching and training firm.

She has taught her effectiveness techniques at the School of Management at Boston College, and at Fortune 500 companies and non profit organizations. Her training is from Yale University, UC Berkeley, Harvard Medical School, and the Institute for Management Studies.