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Organization-sponsored COACHING and DEVELOPMENT FOR MID CAREER Women

Individual Executive Coaching for Senior Women Leaders or Those seeking next level roles

Virtual Group Coaching and Development to Advance and Retain Mid-Career Female Talent

Do you want to turn your good intentions into effective actions? 

The Next Level Leader program has a 92% track record of supporting Women of Color and White women to get next level opportunities, lead high visibility projects…leading them to stay at their company and thrive.

Are you an individual who wants to create your next level opportunity, call the shots, and have the influence to improve the culture on your team?  Contact me for an individual consultation at or Learn more about the Next Level Leader virtual group coaching program at  (or click the Programs tab above)

Support your multicultural mid-career female talent to grow their leadership impact and fulfill organizational DEI goals. Click below to learn about the Next Level Leader coaching and development program for your organization

What do mid-career women say about the Next Level Leader program:

I was pigeon-holed in my role for over 10 years
and got promoted within the 4 months of the program.
Jeri Bonilla,
She exceeded my expectations.
I was Promoted within 90 days.
Ebonee Pruitt,

I used the tools and right away I got a “Yes”!

Now I am moving the important work forward and getting recognized!

Marcia Dukes,

Individual Executive Coaching for Senior Women Leaders

Are you a senior woman leader who is new in your role or in need of a fresh approach to dealing with the politics in your organization?

For 21 years I’ve been an effective growth catalyst and sounding board for senior women leaders who are looking to have broad based impact. Because ‘it can be lonely at the top’ and all eyes are on you.

Coaching Can Support You To:

What Do Other Senior Women Leaders Say

I could not have taken my company to the next level without the support and advice of Dr. Sharon Melnick.
She is brilliant and full of power and strength. She is the real deal and second to none. Her advice was a game changer for me in my business and my life.
Kellyann Petrucci
KellyAnn Petrucci,
CEO and NYT Bestselling Author
Sharon Melnick is a genius, truly an exceptional talent!

Sharon helped me become a “Poised Change Agent”. Her methodologies and insights enlightened me how to have more influence across the organization. The progress I’ve made using her tactics in both my professional and personal life have been transformative and helped me significantly reduce stress!

Jeanine D'Onofrio
Jeanine D’Onofrio
EVP Tommy Hilfiger

Become the person YOU want to be, because NOW is your time. Contact me for a consultation to be the leader, the role model, the Change Agent you want to