Mental Reset

Here is your free Mental Reset audio training. In this audio, I count out the breath for you so you can listen to my voice, relax, and take a brief mental vacation.

This breath is perfect as a 2-3 minute recovery activity as part of your new “Sprint-Recovery” approach to the day. It will help you balance your “On and Off buttons” during crazy busy days. It will help you have steady focus and up to 30% more energy for the evening.

The Mental Reset is a 3 part breath. You will inhale, hold, and exhale for equal counts. The great yogis and spiritual masters breath approximately 1x/minute, they inhale for a count of 20, hold for a count of 20, and exhale for 20. In this demonstration, I’ve started you off at counts of 5, 5, and 5 – you too can be a spiritual master in training!

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