The Next Level Leader Program

Have more Influence and Impact on the business

Get more interesting and strategic projects
Expand Visibility & Responsibility

Gain a next level role (or whatever position you want)

In this virtual coaching program: 90% of past participants report that they achieved their Program Goal

Create a Strategic Plan

Get Clear on what role you really want, inside your group/company or another. Position yourself and develop messaging to be chosen for that role.

Build the perception that is needed of you in the minds of decision-makers. (If you have been passed over, redeployed, or marginalized, we’ll strategize to overcome these challenges and get your Manager/decision makers to see your value).

 Be intentional – follow your strategic action plan to achieve your goal.

Four months of mindset and skill-building training

Webinar-based trainings give you detailed scripts and toolkits. Training is housed in a learning portal, available at your convenience.

Get approval and buy-in for your ideas. Be that person who sounds eloquent and lights up the room with her ideas. Inspire others to action. Be invited to have a seat at the table across the organization.

Get a “Yes” the first time you ask  by having X-Ray vision into the needs of decision-makers

Customize your Ask for each stakeholder

Become a visible and Respected Thought Leader or Change Agent

Display an enterprise-wide mentality to achieve broad-based influence

Communicate concisely so people immediately ‘get’ your ideas

Articulate powerfully (even when thinking on your feet)

Own your Value. Stop needing other’s validation to know your worth. End playing small and step up into the most confident version of yourself.

Free yourself of self-doubt, second-guessing, hesitation, and fear of others’ judgments so you have confidence to take bold action and ask for Next Level opportunities.

Have a strong opinion without ‘coming on too strong’.

Communicate confidently to big groups/senior leaders.

Lift up from perfectionism to be a Strategic Leader.

Speak up or pushback even when intimidated or worried.

Communicate with confidence even if you don’t know all the answers.

Fearlessly offer bold ideas and take risks.

Trust yourself to make decisions without angst.

Source confidence from within rather than worry how others will perceive you.

Regain confidence if you have been beaten down by your company’s culture

Cultivate relationships with senior level leaders so they can sponsor you and support your next level advancement.

Know how to Lead others through Change

Know how to have time to deliver on current projects as well as pursue big picture creative ideas

Find and ask for a sponsor.

Network to get known and trusted by people who will help your career (both internally and externally).

Articulate your strengths so your Manager will see how they align with organizational needs.

Know how to show an ‘enterprise wide’ mentality so you are already seen as a leader.

Position yourself as a ‘go to’ Expert.

Authentically let decision makers know about your wins so they see you are capable for the next level

Be seen as having Executive Presence because you show up as a calm, confident, poised leader even in the moments that make you feel emotional.   Make others look to you as a leader because you turn ‘heat of the moment’ reactions where you used to feel disrespected or frustrated into situations where you use your voice and constructive problem solving to create win win solutions.  

Know how to leverage your strengths to Lead others during Change 

Have tools to find calm, stay present, and have ‘big ideas’ even during crazy busy days.

Get out of the ‘weeds’ of your task list to think and act strategic.

Small group coaching and accountability calls

You’ll get coached twice a month (calls are scheduled to accommodate your calendar.) AND you’ll be inspired by confidential peer mentoring by other high achieving emerging leaders.

'Kick off the week'
Monday call

Kick-off your week energized and inspired. Join a lightening round call to celebrate accomplishments and set an intention for the upcoming week. 


Register by July 31 and receive

-Training on Writing a Powerful RESUME and LINKED IN Profile

-Dr Melnick’s Book and training on Success Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On-

About the Presenter/Coach

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. is a global authority on the advancement and retention of female talent. Her practical tools are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School and field-tested by over 30,000 training participants.

With a team of multicultural coaches, her virtual coaching programs have a strong track record supporting white women, African-American, Asian, and Latinas to expand responsibility, gain promotion, and achieve significant recognition for increasing bottom-line impact to the organization

An internationally sought after speaker, she has presented at over 200 women’s leadership conferences (she has even presented at the White House). Her presentations on Resilience, Confidence, and Influence are hailed as “the most valuable part of our women’s leadership programs”, including from client organizations such as Eli Lilly, Genentech, Merck, Procter & Gamble, Celgene, MetLife, NY Life, Novartis, GE, Sodexo, OmniCom, Morgan Stanley, Freddie Mac, and many others.

She is the author of the bestselling books Success under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On, and Confidence when it Counts: Rise Above Self-Criticism and Bias to Make your Mark and an e-book From Pigeon Holed to Promoted. She is the CEO of Horizon Point Inc., an international coaching and training firm, and a certified diverse supplier.

Organizational Clients Include:

Horizon Point Inc. consistently receives the highest ratings for corporate training and coaching. Clients include:

Results from the Next Level Leader Program

After being stuck for 10 years, I got Promoted.

This program is the best thing I've done for my career in 10 years. After being stuck in my role for years, I successfully influenced to get a promotion within 4 months.

Jeri B.,


I got promoted after being passed over twice

I didn't get a Director position 5 months ago because I was told I was not strategic enough. Then I started this program and followed your advice. Today, my Manager started our meeting saying how proud she is that I've been showing up as a Strategic Leader with Executive Presence, and that she already sent a note to the new head of the department saying that my promotion needs to happen NOW, even if its off-cycle.



I have expanded my role and am more fulfilled.

I was pigeon-holed in my role for 10 years, and within only one month, I changed the perception my boss and boss's boss had of me. I've now expanded my role, am more fulfilled, and am helping to shape the way our company transforms for the future. Dr. Sharon Melnick is phenomenal and I highly recommend this program.

Jeanine F.,

Biotech Company

I got a promotion and both a raise and a bonus!

Now I think strategically, I choose the projects I want, AND my leadership supports me. Dr. Sharon Melnick is a Godsend. I made more progress in my self development and career progression in these few months than I had in years.

Paulette R.,

Astra Zeneca

It's totally worth the investment

This program is awesome. Senior leaders tell me they see me showing up differently and now I am leading high visibility projects. It's totally worth the investment.

Monica M.,


Exponentially improved my Influence within weeks

After I was ready to leave (my company) out of frustration. I have more impact than I even imagined. Leaders in the organization I could never reach are asking ME for my ideas. It is mind-boggling the way male colleagues and senior leaders just switched their mindset to now support me. I am leading initiatives. I have to do much less to be recognized for much more for what I deliver.

Stefani K.,

Oil Company

I got a role at a new company with a $20k raise. I got really good at knowing exactly what I want!

I got a role at a new company I'm excited about, and the salary is $20,000 more than what I was making! Now I'm at peace, calm, happy, and really confident about being able to make a positive transition. I've come to value and appreciate the things I do that I never gave myself much credit for - these are actual superpowers that set me apart from other people. I'm "owning it" and feeling powerful - not selling myself short or, thinking small. I really appreciate everything that I've learned and the support is going to be life changing for me. I'm very grateful.

Amie K.

I am no longer driven by a need to be perfect

I was always creating more work for myself even though I already felt overwhelmed. Now I have time to think critically, to ask questions, and build a better business strategy. I do it without spinning I feel more organized and prepared. I am stepping into a leadership role on the research team. Now the sky is the limit for me!



I got a next level role with a salary increase by putting fear of failure behind me.

I hadn't felt comfortable or safe speaking up or sharing my opinions. I use the "mantra" you gave us to step out of my comfort zone. Now I speak up more with senior leadership and take risks. And it has paid off for me! I got a role at a smaller company, with a lot more visibility. It was a step up to Director, with a salary increase!


This was more than I thought possible and it was easier than I anticipated.

Using the roadmap enabled me to achieve my long term career goal much faster – I was offered a senior leader role in the organization. This was more than I thought possible and it was easier than anticipated.”



I never could have done it without the guidance in this program.

I got a next level role and a raise, and now I am leading the function. I never could have done it without the guidance in this program.

Liz C.,

Fashion Company

Outweighs all other programs.

You can apply the tools Dr. Melnick provides right away. In an influencing situation that was crucial to my career, I had been getting a "No... I used the tools, and right away, I got a "yes!" Now I am moving the important work forward, and my manager approached ME about a promotion!”

Marcia D.,


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