So You Think You Want Power?

What is the one thing that everyone really wants, but most people say they don’t want it?
What is the force that seems to be externally controlled, but it is really internal?


I know. It is complicated.  
Let me make the distinction between being “in your power” and being “in power.”  Many people tell me they don’t want power in the way that oppresses other people. Instead, they want to be “in their power.”  
Why have I been talking about “power” recently? 
So many of us feel disempowered, and we’re ready to be done with it! We can’t seem to get ourselves to the results we want in our lives, and we are challenged by getting other people to change, for us to get the things we want.  
But when you are in your power, you are unstoppable. And not only that, you raise everyone around you. 
I think that the more power you hold in your body, the more you can make the impact you’ve been born for. 
I think the more power you hold in your body, the less chance you will be sick. 
I think the more power you hold in your body, the more influence you have. 
However, from training and coaching over 25,000 of you, what I see is that we leak our power.
We leak our power when we focus on what we can’t control. All of our attention gets squandered trying to get people to change, perhaps even beyond their individual capacities. Or, we get caught up reinforcing the ways we feel like a victim. 
We also give our power away.  We give our power away when we involve other people in determining our value.  
When we react, our power gets hijacked.  Our power goes around and around in an emotional loop. It is unavailable as a life force. It can not help us get results or grow. 
As you can see,  the more power you hold in your body the more you can make the impact you’ve been born for. 
The more you can stay in your center, the less other’s perceptions of you will matter. 
The less you react, the more your life force goes to moving your life forward. 
You want to be ‘in your power’! 
I’m writing a TEDtalk and my next book on this topic – how to stay in your power, how to get back in your power. 
And it would mean so much to me if I could get your input and learn about your experiences with this idea (so I can then teach you what I learn…)  
So here’s my ‘ethical bribe’ – You can join me on a complimentary coaching call tomorrow if you bring your A-game thoughtfulness and fill out this confidential survey on ‘being in your power’ here. On the call, you can ask me anything about how to be in your power! Or listen to how I coach others.
Thank you! I look forward to having you on the call (or sending you the recording if you can’t make it but want to email me your question). I am so excited to hear from you. 
Here’s the link to the confidential survey again.